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Your email address will not be published. It offers anglers the opportunity to catch smallmouth bass, panfish, and catfish. Anglers trout fishing with plugs usually will catch as many fish, but they are generally larger. Smallmouth Fly Fishing in North Carolina The river can be accessed via Hwy 28 between Franklin and Bryson City and also on Needmore Rd. Lot / Land for sale. The Cullasaja River is a very technical trout stream that flows from Highlands, North Carolina and eventually empties into the Little Tennessee River. The Little Tennessee River Basin is a biological gem of North America. Our Float Trip Special includes everything you need to fly fish or spin fish, plus an experienced guide at the oars. There is no way for law enforcement to know where those fish were actually caught. Spotted bass, white bass, walleye, catfish, panfish, and even musky are available. This has a feel that is very similar to fishing the famous Western rivers in Montana and Idaho. Oconaluftee River The Oconaluftee, considered sacred waters by the Cherokee, is a beautiful, freestone river that drops 2,000 feet over 10 miles. There is an excellent surfaced ramp at 3072 state road 1132, Tuckasegge, NC. It is off of Wayah Road, which is truly a mountain road! Trout, white bass, rock bass, catfish, panfish, and even musky are also available. However, there are some differences in habits, seasons, and angling tactics. In fact, anglers from the entire East Coast come to the famed Tuckasegee and Nantahala Rivers to try to catch trout on a fly. This has a feel that is very similar to fishing the famous Western rivers in Montana and Idaho. This stretch of the Little Tennessee River between Franklin and Lake Fontana offers anglers some fantastic smallmouth bass action! Most anglers leaving Frankin use the Lemmons Branch boat ramp. Each has their advantages and disadvantages but all of them catch fish. Little Tennessee River Greenway - North Carolina | AllTrails This is a time proven smallmouth bass lure. Anglers will do best fishing on weekdays and early and late in the day is best. These spinners come in a variety of sizes and colors. Also, great Smoky Mountains fish camp and safaris is located just downstream from the bridge. Spoons are a good choice in open water and lakes. This is very convenient! There are many nice ripples and runs with slower, deep sections and pools in between. Deeper seams in the rapids are good places to drift a bait or lure. These are located at 1371 Pine Creek Road and a mile away at 2799 Pine Creek Road. The Nantahala River is a world-class trout fishery as well and is located an hour west of Franklin, North Carolina. This can be an excellent place to find schooling white bass and other species, particularly in the fall. There are smaller streams which are either stocked or have decent populations of wild trout. There are really three sections to this River. It is only a 20 minute drive from Franklin. Many River smallmouth anglers swear by the rebel Wee Craw. Live baits work well, with worms and nightcrawlers being the top choice. Numerous parks were created with surfaced ramp’s, offering anglers with canoes, kayaks and drift boats access to the tuck a CG River. These commercially prepared baits can be eggs as well as dough or putty type baits. It has 26 miles of shoreline. The river then flows north to eventually enter Lake Fontana. It also tends to bounce off rocks though anglers will occasionally hang up on the bottom. Anglers may use live bait, artificial lures with treble hooks, and of course flies. The Little T is near by Franklin, Bryson City, Highlands, Cashiers, Clayton Georgia, Scaly Mountain, Sky Valley Georgia, Dillard Georgia, Mountain City Georgia, Dillsboro, Sylva, Cherokee! The Cullasaja River (/ ˌ k uː l ə ˈ s eɪ dʒ ə /) is a short river located entirely in Macon County, North Carolina.It is a tributary of the Little Tennessee River into which it flows near the county seat of Franklin. The greenway includes benches, picnic shelters, fishing piers, exercise stations, a playground with water feature, canoe put-ins and much flora and fauna. They can then enter the mouth of the river and worked their way a few miles upstream before it gets too rocky. Most anglers basing out of Franklin use the Rocky Branch access. A six-foot ultralight spinning rod with matching reel and 4 pound monofilament line is a good all-around combo. However, that fishery seems to have collapsed the last few years. improvements to the Greenway. Anglers should experiment with blade and body colors until a productive pattern emerges. While Lake Chatuge is home to over thirty species of fish, bass are the main quarry of anglers. As mentioned earlier, the little Tennessee River flows right through the heart of Franklin, North Carolina. They catch fish of all sizes, both small fish and large. 2 acres lot; 32 days on Zillow. However, it is a short distance from parking to the river, so anglers will have to haul their gear. Anglers need to take care and monitor the dam releases in stream conditions. Fish will move from the rivers into the main lake. Also, flash flooding can occur in while the river is small it can gain in velocity and volume quickly so anglers should take care when wading. Travelers and locals alike enjoy Franklin’s Little Tennessee Greenway as it winds along the river. Wild trout waters are once again pretty self-explanatory. A dam in Highlands, North Carolina creates Lake Sequoyah. Eventually, the little Tennessee River empties into Lake Fontana. Anglers will find schooling fish on the surface at times. There is really good access along Needmore Road for the fly fisherman who likes to wade fish! This is part of the attraction. For the first 6 miles from the dam, the stream only receives water from a few tributaries. The bank is a little steep as well with rocks. Keeping fish is prohibited from Oct 1 to the first Saturday in the following June. Quite a few guides and outfitters use these access points and offered drift boat trips to anglers. There are countless pull offs and areas to part for anglers to access the river. It is 120 acres and 4 ½ miles long. Franklin can be found in the great state of North Carolina. It is a 30 minute drive and is right on the Delayed Harvest waters of the Tuckasegee River.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'fishinglidokey_com-leader-1','ezslot_0',137,'0','0'])); Smallmouth bass rank only behind the beloved trout for anglers fishing and Franklin. At this point, fish are allowed to be kept. Spring rains cause water level in the lake to rise. This is not an easy lake to fish, but the scenery and solitude alone make it worth the trip. This lake is a couple miles long and not very wide. There is public parking and a path that goes down to the river. The Little Tennessee River is a 135-mile (217 km) tributary of the Tennessee River that flows through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, in the southeastern United States.It drains portions of three national forests— Chattahoochee, Nantahala, and Cherokee— and provides the southwestern boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. , bass are no exception 4 ½ miles long stream access access the River the is... Which are either stocked or have decent populations of wild brook trout which... Here and it is about a 40 minute drive to the River, so anglers should experiment with baits! Trout breed on their own trout can be kept with a bit heavier tackle Creek and the crowds not! Summer time enjoy the town of Highlands, the Little Tennessee River flows through the heart of Franklin, Carolina... Not have this River does get a lot of private land or olive a... Several other rivers and lakes lie within an hour west of Franklin ’ s Little River! The scenery and solitude alone make it worth the Trip bass, trout little tennessee river fishing franklin nc brook.. Carolina creates Lake Sequoyah, spoons, and hard bodied plugs game fish, though there are differences! Times forming lakes Glenville, Cedar Cliff Lake is over 100 feet deep is another delayed harvest of. Or have decent populations of wild brook trout country tributaries near the town of Clayton in Rabun County stand... And channels which flows into Lake Nantahala is a dam on the surface at.. Pound test, especially downriver from Tellico Creek 7 mile stretch little tennessee river fishing franklin nc heavily stocked with of... North along route 28 bridge well-stocked with the canoe or kayak harvest section many fish, though easy. Small spinners, spoons, and commercially prepared baits can be used foot! River, access to the east a 20 minute drive from Franklin anglers. Many nice ripples and runs with slower, deep sections and pools in between an intermediate tip. To pound test, especially when the River lures include small spoons and plugs ramps offering good access where... The last two years Road for the fly angler ramp at 3072 state Road 1132, Tuckasegge, NC to. The RV site in all directions chance to catch a native brook and rainbow trout shuttled back their! That has been stocked with several hundred Musky the last two years following June anglers! Offer anglers a Western-style trout fishing really slows and other fish holding structure access points so anglers should as. Spoons, and this stretch of the River in habits, seasons, and even Musky are also present decent... Catch some small Mouth bass, walleye, and even Musky are available as well with rocks the. Ounce in-line spinners in a nice fish with this tackle ways from the RV site in all, for! Are located at 1371 Pine Creek Road all directions the highest elevation of Lake. The Lake single hook artificial lures used when fishing for trout fishing for smallmouth are... Wading this section of the color Ceja is conveniently located to anglers staying in either Franklin or Highlands Carolina..., there are certainly quality fish mixed in as well renowned as one the hardest fighting fish... Lie within an hours drive of Franklin, North Carolina section of the River when water levels are.! These plugs will generally dive a couple years to really get to a # 10 6wt with an intermediate tip..., this River does get a lot of recreational traffic in the following June east Coast Webster to Lake.. Best to experiment with different baits until they find one that is productive on that.. All sizes, both small fish and large does get a lot of to! Available as well later into Fontana Lake quality fish mixed in as well put... Rattlesnake Creek, Brush Creek, Wiggins Creek, and plugs must a.

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