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Any popper will do, but Sunny likes the Cast Tackle 150g PTYD Popper in Fusi colour. Preferred fishing times and tides. I’d rather loose a fish at the bite than at the boat. Our lightweight 1/2oz and 3/4oz Heavy Minnow Jigs are awesome for shallow yellow jigging, they work great on a drift and really knock it out of the park when combined with traditional yellowtail chumming / bait fishing. Add the challenge of casting and retrieving stick baits to entice a bite and you have one thrilling day on the water! Includes The Kingfish Rigs And Lures Needed For Successful King Mackerel Fishing. Get To Know Al I ask a few questions to get to know Al a bit better! The usual strategy Sunny employs is to fish poppers during low light periods, fanning casts out ahead of the drifting boat and constantly watching his sounder. Apple  |  Stitcher  |  Google  |  Spotify  | iHeart | MP3. Q: What are the common names of the yellowtail fish? Your email address will not be published. Free shipping on many items ... 6 1/2 "NEW TUNA POPPER FISHING BAIT LURES TUNA MAHI DORADO KING FISH YELLOW TAIL. A yellowtail sees a sardine, mackerel or squid and races to eat it. What’s Next For Reidy? Fishing - How to catch huge New Zealand yellowtail kingfish, live bait techniques and tackle instructions for the Kings of The Coromandel fishing tournament. The kingfish in northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland tend to come into the shallow inshore reefs during spring and become a genuine target on surface lures. Kingfish typically sit up-current of these reef systems and may be right in the pressure wave or could be 30-50m ahead of it. This is a World Class Fishing Contest for kingfish in New Zealand. Al’s Publications Alastair has authored a number of wonderfully informative guides to Australian fishing. These blue bullets are in the mackerel family and are generally irresistible to kingfish, or marlin for that matter. When chasing yellowtail kingfish, the rig can be as simple as a running ball sinker down onto the bait or as complex as trolling a dead swim bait. He prefers to crank in and release the smaller fish quickly so he can focus on the bigger fish that are in the area. Further down the harbour around the channel markers, Al switches to 6000-8000 size Stella reels to throw fairly large stickbaits and soft plastics. Packed with how-to articles, gear reviews and the latest game fishing news. Mercury Marine Australia Powers the boat Al uses to chase Sydney kingies all over the harbour, inshore and offshore. This can result in good fishing on reefs north of Sydney Heads, with quieter fishing around the heads or further south. $228.41. Catching Kingfish and Tarpon: The Balloon Theory. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Carpenter Fusilier 145 Yellowtail Kingfish hard lure saltwater top water unused. He suggests casting this lure ahead of the drifting boat in low light conditions and working it with deliberate “pops” interspersed with decent pauses. The yellowtail kingfish can be taken on a wide variety of cast or trolled artificial lures. Trolling for Kingfish requires higher speeds than couta, pike and salmon. A very effective method of catching yellowtail kingfish is by drifting with live bait such as a mullet, mackerel or kahawai. When yellowtail are observed crashing schools of baitfish, one of the most deadly artificial baits is a surface iron jig in chrome, pewter or a blue/white combination. Halco Australia Their Angler range is perfect for fishing and protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun and the bright reflections from the water. A good action is more important when top-water fishing than a long cast. Stock Structure. Regarded by many experienced saltwater anglers as, pound for pound, the toughest fish in the sea, the yellowtail kingfish has a distribution that takes in the inshore waters of the southern half of the Australian mass. This provides great sport as there isn’t as much structure for the fish to head into, so you can play them for 10 minutes or so before they are tagged and released. There is a wide selection of baits that can effectively be used for kings, including live slimy mackerel, yellowtail scad, salmon trout, garfish, mullet, herring, silver trevally, and of course squid. He still gets busted off sometimes, even on this gear……. Sorry this content is for subscribers only. Kingfish, like all species, respond to different things on different days. The important thing is to create sharp, audible pops without pulling the lure out of the water. Line and Leaders for Kingfish. Jigging with heavy drag ensures immediate stopping power when the kingfish hits. The mid-size (105mm) Halco Roosta Poppers are a weapon of choice in the lower harbour and outside the heads. Something About Kingfish Alastair gives us a little teaser about something he’s learned about targeting kingfish that most anglers wouldn’t know. We talk about the future for Greg’s guiding business (Bay and Basin Sport Fishing) and his involvement as Business Development Manager for Pro Lures Australia. August sees the fish first start turning up, but the numbers are low early in the season. Al frequently makes appearances from stage to talk about his fishing exploits and has taken Australian fishing photography and videography to new levels. Best Knots and Rigs for Kingfish Kingfish will take a variety of natural and artificial bait, including jigged and trolled lures. A. This week we are talking about Kingfish. Lures with lightweight bodies made from materials such as reinforced balsa tend to have a much tighter, vibrating action than heavier lures, which by virtue of their weighty construction are more likely to possess a slower, more rolling action.Whatever type of lure you select, it may not initially stay in the water at the optimum speed, either because it has not been ‘tuned’ properly or, through use, it has fallen ‘out of tuned’. The ultimate prize and one of the strongest pound for pound fighting fish in Australia. Best Kingfish lures, Where to get pinfish, offshore reefs? Rods and Reels for Kingfish. Bluewater Magazine is the place to go if large, angry gamefish are on the top of your list. This lure is fished in a similar fashion to the way it would be used for snapper, working it with relatively gentle hops through the school of kingfish. Yellowtail feed best when currents push forage through likely haunts. When he’s fishing well up the harbour and rat kings are prevalent, Al turns to a 2500 size Shimano Stradic reel, a Zodias rod and 10lb Suffix braid. Rising or full tides are best suited for targeting most fish species around most areas although some deep water locations will also produce good numbers of fish during low and falling tides. Our Best Assolrtment Of Fishing Lures for Kingfish! Get the best deals on Carpenter Fishing Baits & Lures when you shop the largest online selection at It also helps set the hook in the fish’s mouth. I'm new to the whole offshore fishing thing and realized you kind of need to know what you're doing and where to go. When they’re deeper and you’re fishing jigs close enough is never good enough. Despite the Jaw Dropper being a slender, high speed jig, Sunny sometimes finds that kingfish will hit this lure while it’s being worked quite slowly. Deep in the harbour the rat kings (50-75cm length) often push jelly prawns hard against the bank, so birds are often seen along the edges. When the sun is a little higher he’ll switch to stickbaits and fish much the same way. Yellowtail Kingfish at Port AugustaSo for many this is one of the biggest challenges of their fishing careers. As the weather and water warm, the kingfish numbers increase, peaking in December and fading away through January in most years. A: It has a subtle buttery taste with hints of banana. Lures, plugs, and chuggers will work occasionally and in a pinch, but by far the preferred baits are live. The East Australian Current is readily visible in this FishTrack SST chart from Australia's East Coast. They are an extremely strong and powerful fish that can really test every part of an anglers skills. Currents are variable around Sydney but the fishing is usually best when there is at least some current. Gear for kingfish needs to be sturdy and usually consists of a fast taper boat rod, an overhead reel, and 10 kg to 15 kg line. Periods leading up to full and new moons fish best (Sunny prefers the full), especially when a tide turn coincides with dawn or dusk. Standard and Popular Baits The standard and most used bait is the ever-present menhaden shad. Yellowtail Kingfish is known to be a highly mobile and wide-ranging species, with a distribution extending throughout temperate waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans 1.In Australian waters, they are distributed from southern Queensland to central Western Australia, including the east coast of Tasmania, and around Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands. Al has found that the clear and white patterns are the most effective and will take kingfish even when they’re feeding on difficult bait such as “eyes” or jelly prawns. 8. Cast directly at the activity, let the lure sink for a few seconds, then retrieve at … $13.00. The appearance differs between sounders and depends on how you set your unit up, so a good way to improve your understanding is to take a look at the sounder when you catch a kingfish and note how they appear on the screen. From the bridge to the heads the channel Markers in Sydney Harbour are prime locations. Suffix Lines are Al’s preferred option due to their accurate published breaking strains and diameters, consistent knot strength, superior abrasion resistance and ease-of-use. Each drift will start 10 or so metres from the previous one, ensuring the whole area is fished thoroughly. Unlike the majority of pelagic species, Tweed’s yellowtail kingfish population seems to bite best around the turn of the tide, when the run is greatly reduced. Kings are distinctive on the sounder, so learn to recognise them. Twelve to fifteen pounds is the best test for yellowtail snapper. While red crabs have become their preferred forage, yellowtail also prey on smaller fish, including sardines and mackerel, two of the best baits for big California yellowtails. With kingfish, natural baits are ideal -- not artificial. Of the above baits, live mackerel, salmon trout and squid are, in my opinion, the number one baits. Al’s Best Kingfish Lures I ask Alastair to zoom in on the three best lures for sydney kingfish. Tips for Catching Kingfish. Yellowtail Kingfish are not just an Aussie phenomenon - they are widely distributed in temperate waters across the oceans of the world. Al’s Kingfish Tackle Recommendations When he’s fishing well up the harbour and rat kings are prevalent, Al turns to a Their Angler range is perfect for fishing and for protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun and the bright reflections from the water. The mighty yellowtail may be a powerful fish to catch, but it can be conquered with the right bait, tackle, and lures. I usually have a few folks fishing bait in the slick, then two jigs working the water column. For Jigging or working plastics, Sunny uses 6’, PE 4 rods with 5000 size reels and 80lb leader. At times, they can be led to the boat with so much ease that they’ll completely surprise you and explode right in … The jigs usually produce 4:1. Lures to Suit You – Whether you spin from the rocks or or troll or cast from a boat you have the freedom to find trolling lures for kingfish, kingfish jigs, spinning lures and more from our all-encompassing online fishing tackle shop. Al suggests putting in a few casts at each marker and checking the sounder for fish deeper down before moving on to the next marker. All photos by Al McGlashan. Yellowtail Kingfish Seriola lalandi Other names: Southern Yellowtail, Kingy, Hoodlum. How to Catch Kingfish: Trolling. Fishotopia is where Australia’s genius fishing minds hang out to share their secrets and talk tackle, technique and more. Join Steve and Jo Starling’s community of smart anglers and find out how the ten percent fish! Each time the boat drifts over the school he’ll fish the jig a little slower than on the previous drift. Their ability to power away to a piece of structure at the drop of a hat or carry the battle on way past what you would think is incredible. Around the inshore reefs this lure is especially deadly in the gold “King Brown” colour is dynamite, for some inexplicable reason, even taking fish when better than live baits, at times. Al starts with 3/8 oz jig heads inshore when the current is small and goes up to 3/4 in deeper offshore water and/or when the current is running. Monday 9/10/17. Best Kingfish Lures Reidy explains his top lures for targeting kingfish and exactly how to use them. Otherwise, casting a live bait is the best way to connect with yellowtail when you find them. Free shipping. A PE 8 popping rod with a 14000 size Shimano Stella reel, 80lb braid and 140lb leader is preferred for casting and working poppers. They are particularly susceptible to livebait, with jack mackerel, piper and koheru favoured to target average-sized fish and live kahawai for larger fish. Birds working are also a good sign. Yellow tail king fish are a true Aussie battler species and prefer patriotic coloured lures such as green and gold. I got a boat back in December and have been out about a dozen times. Best Job In The World Podcast is Al’s entertaining audio podcast that explores his many fishing adventures and achievements over the years. They are a fish that can be encountered miles from shore to almost as far up stream as the brackish water is found. Once kingfish are located it’s usually possible to get several drifts over them before they move far. When fished outside these can be dropped gently down on kings and allowed to flutter about. Pound for pound, yellowtail kingfish are one of the hardest fighting fish in the water. Yellowtail kingfish are one of the ocean’s great fighters. Audio Fishing Guide. Tackle For Kingies Al breaks down his tackle recommendations for Sydney kings. If deeper fish can be tempted with a jig, Sunny switches to a 9” Z-Man Jerk Shad in Smokey Shad colour, rigged on a 3/4 to 1 oz jig head with a 6/0 to 7/0 hook. These are ideal for throwing the light lures that these smaller fish will take. Although the yellowtail can be taken on a wide variety of cast or trolled lures, jigs, plugs and poppers, by far the most effective method that I have, is using live bait such as yelloweye mullet or kahawai. A light breeze usually helps with drift and encourages a bite. Use your technology to make sure you’re right on them to have any chance of being successful. When they’re on kings they aren’t always actively working, but anywhere there is a congregation of birds around moorings or docks is worth a cast or two. Get the best deals on Kingfish Topwater Saltwater Fishing Lures when you shop the largest online selection at Yellowtail kingfish are an iconic species that occupy a wide range of waters in the lower half of Australia. August sees the fish first start turning up, but the numbers are low early in the season. When they’re on the surface this means getting the lure in front of them and close to them, anticipating the direction they will swim. How to Catch Kingfish: Trolling. As you motor through Sydney Harbour, keep a close eye on birds. Fishing With Mates is Al’s flagship Australian television production combining awesome fishing, incredible destinations and stunning footage from above and below the water. If fish aren’t taking the popper or is it’s too bight for the popper, Sunny will switch to an Ocea Rocket Dive floating stickbait, upgrading the rear treble to a ringed Kudako single hook. Always Be Ready – Sourcing and maintaining the best bait for kingfish can be extremely tough, as live bait goes bad quickly, and the kingfish will not be fooled. Mitsubishi proudly supply Al and his team with their flagship 4WD SUV – the Pajero, perfectly suited for towing capacity launching boats and long-distance travel between fishing adventures. Sunny’s Top Yellowtail Kingfish Fishing Tips. As with most pelagic species, the presence of bait is always a good sign. Donâ t pull in too forcefully so that the fish doesnâ t get alarmed and try to struggle. It’s cast ahead of the drifting boat to where he knows or suspects fish will be, or casts are fanned out if he’s prospecting. Glassed out days can be tough. Large soft plastics such as a Halco 8″ flick stick in pearl white on a relatively heavy jig head, well both inside the lower harbour and outside. Fishing success is dependent on how well your lure swims. It will also respond favourably to jigging, saltwater fly fishing and trolling with dead and live baits. The best live baits for kingfish would have to be blue koheru if you are in the coromandel or upper North Island. Al moves around some known spots until he finds fish on the sounder. Fishing Personality, Videographer And Photographer. The only time yellowtail become difficult to catch is when they are either in a straight spawning mode or locked in on a single type of feed. Kingfish. The kingfish (aka "yellowtail" in the Americas) offers up a world-class fight on topwaters, jigs and live baits. Yellowtail kingfish are one exciting and challenging species to target. â ¦ How to Catch Southern California Yellowtail. Shimano Fishing Australia Shimano offers innovative fishing reels, rods and accessories in Australia and throughout the world and takes care of Al’s tackle needs for this tough species. Inside the harbour they’re cast close (but not too close) to navigation markers and other structure on a 3/8 oz jig, allowed to sink to the bottom, wound flat stick for 3-4 cranks, then allowed to sink to the bottom again. It is also known as the kingfish, yellowtail kingfish, amberjack, yellowtail jack, and king yellowtail. Larger Kingfish known as 'hoodlums' are notoriously dirty fighters with an instinct to fight fast and hard. Lure fishing for kingfish is seems to be best when water temps are relatively cool – around 18-22 C is optimal. Here you’re fishing tight against barnacle covered structure using 100 lb leaders and you’ll still find metre plus fish appear from nowhere and smash your lure off. Tournament Winning Rigs and Lures Like Our Legendary King Digger Kingfish Jigs, Pro Kingfish Dusters And More. Sunny is a Southeast Queensland based angler who become addicted to surface fishing for big, tough saltwater pelagic species such as GT’s and more recently, yellowtail kingfish. A PE6 stickbait rod with an 8000 size Shimano Stella, PE6 braid and 140lb leader is the preferred stick baiting setup. Al recently launched his own podcast series “Best Job In The World” in which he describes the many fishing adventures he has embarked on over the years. Choose Shimano 10-lb spinners for a good fight with yellowtail. Copyright © 2018 & Dr Greg Vinall |, The kingfish in northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland tend to come into the shallow inshore reefs during spring and become a genuine target on surface lures. Complete Angler is a leading Australian Tackle buying group, bring the finest quality tackle to Aussie anglers through their swarm of retail stores. The other approach is to repeatedly wind flat out for a few turns, then stop and allow the lure to sink back down. Finding Sydney Kingfish It’s a big expanse of water out there, so I ask Al to helps us find where the fish are at. Once outside Al switches to 18000 size Stella reels, 80 lb Suffix multi-colour braid and 100lb plus leaders. Sunny looks for reefs rising up from 30 or so metres of water with some decent rocks or rises that create pressure points. Big soft plastics like 9″ Sluggo’s on rigged on a worm hook are a good choice if fish are being cagey about hitting a surface popper. When kingfish are sounding down deeper and aren’t coming to the surface offerings, Sunny will drop a 100g Jaw Droppers jig down to them and work it vertically with a fast, erratic retrieve. Costa Sunglasses take care of Al’s polarised eyewear needs. 7. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2018 & Dr Greg Vinall |. Furuno produces the advanced marine electronics on which Al and his team depend for locating fish. 10 Kingfish Tips and Tricks. Apple  |  Stitcher  |  Google  |  Spotify  | iHeart | MP3, Your email address will not be published. The drunken lizard is a good description of the ideal lure … They were also one of Al’s early employers before he was fired to going fishing too much and came back to them for sponsorship….. to go fishing more. Insider Advice. Ask around local tackle shops, keep an eye on sea temp charts and watch social media to figure out where the fish might be. Al is a very well known Sydney-based fishing personality, author of 9 fishing books, presenter and producer of the top fishing TV series “Fishing With Mates”. Yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) are a reasonably fast growing species that mature around two years of age when they are 50-70cm in length. 45 and 60mm Halco Roosta Poppers are deadly in Sydney Harbour. Don’t fall into the trap of always doing the same thing and failing to experiment. I believe in keeping it as simple as possible. Outside of the heads Al looks mainly for bait. Make sure the lure is on the fish’s nose. Using a sounder to find the bait will often lead you to the kingfish. In this episode he lays out the strategy he has developed over three years of concentrating on springtime kingfish over the inshore reefs of the Tweed Heads area. This lure is fished with long sweeps of the rod to pull the head beneath the water, create a swimming action and bubble trail. Kingfish are often associated with those “jelly blubber” jellyfish. 1 The Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) is more commonly referred to as “kingfish” or “kingies” by fishers and divers, and is a member of the trevally and jacks family Carangidae.2 Kingfish are known to inhabit temperate waters worldwide and in Australia are known to occur from the waters of southern Queensland around the south to Coral Bay in the Western Australia. Speeds around 8 knots seem to work best, and if your lure or bait occasionally leaves the water, so much the better. They are best caught on … If he sees fish marking deep he’ll try dropping a jig down to them and if all else fails he’ll switch to a soft plastic. Unless you mix it up and try different lures and techniques your fishing can’t improve. How to fishing from cliffs Hawaii article with catch photos, rig diagrams and a report on catching three mahi in one days His new documentary on the decline and recovery of Australia’s recreational bluefin tuna fishery will air on Channel Nine in mid-2019. Sometimes warm water pushing down from the north can deviate just north of Sydney and not get as far as the heads. $11.97. Newbie Mistakes I get Al to unload the biggest mistake he sees newbies to Sydney kingfish make! The challenge will be an enjoyable, exhilarating experience for all. If he hasn’t found fish yet, Sunny will fan casts out to cover more water. Tackle for Yellowtail Snapper Fishing – Hooks that are 1/0 or smaller work best on conventional reels. Anywhere there is an aggregation of bait and the water temperature is right, kingfish won’t be too far behind. Koppers Live Target Mullet Any Saltwater Topwater Lure Popper Wake Twitch Bait. Sunny will usually make several drifts along suitable structure whilst making searching casts until he finds fish. Colorful jigs will also lure the fish. Butterfly a slab of yellowtail and spread it open skin down on the foil. Kings grow upwards of 50kg and offer fly anglers an incredible challenge. 3 left.

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